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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And it’s Thursday!

… not that that really means anything.  But it’s Friday lite!  That’s what Dave likes to say!  Friday eve! Haha!!!

It was another boringly boring day.  Nothing huge going on.  Classes, eating, you know… the usual.

Jack made me blush!  Remember what I said about my right floppy bit having reservations about him?  Boy said he’d try to win her over!

Haha!!! …  Awww.  Remember what happened last time…

Okay… ummm…  otherwise, quiet.  I told Emiko and Liz about the private jet, and they were amazed!  Of course they’re taking him up on it!  What better way to fly a twelve hour flight?  Robert seemed a little proud, he gets to show off a little.  Well, he can show off all he wants, if we can fly to Japan in style!!!

David’s starting to get a little excited, he wants to see Akihabara!

… and a maid cafe.

I guess he’s growing up.

Well, two girlfriends does that to you.  Hahah!!!

Well, he has one girlfriend now.  The other one’s parents found out.  I think I mentioned that.  Little player..

Okay!  Marie wants to go out before bed…  oh.  We need to figure out what to do with Marie and Cat when we all go to Japan!  Maybe Allison would like a playmate for Milo!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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