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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It was another amazing day weather-wise.  This morning was actually cold, I had to wear a track suit on my run this morning!  Marie was shivering a little too, but she still loves her walks.  I took her on an extra long one this morning because it was cool and she needs the exercise.  I guess there are lots of fun things to smell because she was smelling her little butt off.  Dave turned the heat on last night, which alarmed the cat a little.  Apparently dust or something builds up on the heating elements and it smells like something burning.

I… kinda don’t want to talk about yesterday.  Honestly it all just kind of came out, I didn’t even really know I felt that way.  Maybe on some level I feel like the pastor was just helping God screw me, but he didn’t really know it.  Oh well.  I guess it’s something I have to work out… not here.  Maybe some things shouldn’t be on this diary.

Sabby’s not angry or mad or anything.  She didn’t go Claire Huxtable on me, she didn’t yell at me, she even made me breakfast this morning… my favorite, chocolate pancakes and oatmeal with chocolate syrup.  But…  there’s a lot unsaid right now.  Maybe it’s better off unsaid.  Maybe not.  I don’t know.  Life is hard sometimes.

Life is great sometimes… and hard a lot of the time.

Word has… apparently gotten around Japan that Yuki is here now.  Yuki’s not really as worried, because anyone who comes here to see her has to really want to come here to see her.  That’s… ummm… maybe not a good thing?  But I know martial arts (apparently), so if I have to…  but Yuki’s alright.  She says she actually likes singing and dancing and being cute… she just hates all the crowds and people thinking they have a right to her.  No one’s really shown up asking for her, but we did get a couple of emails in Japanese, which I responded to.  Basically, I said politely that yes, Yuki is here, yes, she will be giving mini-concerts, yes, they’re welcome to come and visit and we’d prefer they bought some of our very delicious pastries while they’re here, but if they’re coming here just to see Yuki might we recommend some more useful things to spend their hard-earned money on.  Of course, if they’re coming as part of a larger trip, come on by, but check to see if Yuki’s around first.  She’s not going to make a special trip just for you, and she has other things to do.

They actually seem to appreciate that kind of blunt response.  Go fig.

I ran the responses past Yuki first and she just giggled her head off.

I had one email asking if the “train onee-chan” worked here though.  Geez, that’s embarrassing.  Especially since it was from a Japanese TV station…

Crystal’s been a little quiet though.  She looked a little calculating when she saw the stage Friday night but hasn’t said much.  I don’t think it’s anything bad, she just… seems a bit deep in thought.

Anyway…  I guess that’s it.  A bit warmer tomorrow but still very nice.  After this summer, I’ll take it!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️

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