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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Another really pretty day!  Lots of sun, relatively cool (especially compared to the summer), it was just nice.  I didn’t even mind going to classes. I had the window down and sunglasses and everything!

But otherwise a pretty boring day, I suppose.  I like boring days but they’re terrible for diarying.

Dave got the Halloween decorations up.  He used his new ladder and we were a lot less worried, though he still managed to be clumsy and hit his finger with a hammer. Ow!  But it got better, and he finished it up.  We have lighted bats, and a skeleton.  I didn’t suggest a video of Sabby going Claire Huxtable on someone this time, though.  That’s the scariest of all!!!

Marie’s pretty happy.  We even let her outside for a while to just romp in the backyard.  She loves that, but then she gets a bit barky and we have to take her back inside.

Yuki and I are working on things she can do for her sets.  Maybe we’ll spring for a universal license just so we have the right to play whatever there.  It’s a bit expensive but maybe worth it.

Oh, and I found out why Crystal was so thinky.  She wants to start a band!  You know, like in Bocchi the Rock.  She’s already bugging her parents for a guitar and they’re probably going to get her one.  But we don’t have many other people who can play instruments.  I mean I can play piano/keyboard but I have enough to do!  But none of our friends can play drums.  Beth might be able to sing but she’s still early in her “career”, so…  I don’t know.  Good luck to her, I suppose, but I don’t know how she’ll pull it off.  I talked to Sabby about it and we agreed if she can pull it together and get people who can pass an audition with her, then we’ll let them play.  But…  she looked a little dubious.  I don’t blame her.  She knows a few of the artsy types from her school, maybe she can find some there (oh, I didn’t mention, she’s going to school again.  The homeschooling thing was only temporary while she and her family got their lives back together.  She doesn’t have many friends, but she has a couple.  She hasn’t brought them over yet, I hope she does eventually.)  And she’s a rank beginner at guitar, so unless she takes some lessons and practices really hard, all it will ever be is a dream.  Aww.

But I’m glad she found something she wants to do.

Yuki and I are pretty good at the music stuff, so maybe we can at least give her some advice and teach her stuff.

Well, we’ll see how that turns out.  I love Crystal, but I hope I don’t somehow get roped into being in her band.  I don’t have the time!

Anyway…  guess I should go to bed.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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