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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It was a warm Saturday!!!

But not very humid, which was nice.  Hot and not humid is better than hot and humid.  We all spent some time at the shop today.  We let Crystal stand on the stage with her guitar and strum a little, but only a little.  She doesn’t get to perform until she can actually perform.  She knows this, and she understands.  She pouted a little, but she understands.

Yuki taught her a couple of chords though, which was nice of her.  She’s not an expert by any means, but she’s better than Crystal.

Baker is getting pretty good at the Japanese treats.  Like I said, she came around, and she actually seems to think it’s a bit fun.  I think she appreciates the tradition behind it.  I’ll have Emiko come down soon and taste test.  In my not so expert opinion, they’re not perfect but they’re pretty good and certainly taste just fine.

Everyone’s wearing the maid outfits now, and they don’t seem too upset about it.  Friday nights they get to cosplay as much as they want, but every other day it’s maid uniforms.  We’ve noticed a little bit of an uptick in business – I guess people like the vibe of pretty maids serving them.  I might have some qualms about one of cat-girl’s chosen careers, but she’s beautiful.  You don’t cause car crashes by being ugly…

I actually wish I could dress up a little, but I understand how Jack feels.  It seems like fun, but the girls do kind of get into it.  Remember how those “maids” sat in David’s lap and doted on him?  Yeah, there’s a little of that, too.  Maybe it just comes with the attitude.

Otherwise, we all went to the mall today and wandered around and bought some trinkets.  That’s always fun.

Bedtime!  Am I going to church tomorrow?  Probably not.  I think I’m done with that, if I’m being honest.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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