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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Well, today is interesting, anyway.  I’m not going back to that convenience store for a while, and neither is Beth.  Sabby forbade it, because he might know she’s my sister, and she’s not as able to defend herself right now, apparently.  She actually seemed relieved.  I don’t think she really enjoys spending time there with her friends.

So we called the lawyer today, and he promised to get everything going as quickly as possible.  He said they could do an ex parte motion, which I think means without the knowledge of the guy, and with all the evidence should have enough evidence for a restraining order.  He said if we’re lucky, we can make it broad enough so that he can’t show up at the store either, because it’s close enough to our house.  I kind of suspect that won’t be an issue, though.  The owner’s last words to him as he was being carted out were “there’s no place for that stuff in my store.  Don’t ever come back here again.”

But, guys like that, you’ll never know.

I’m really not that upset that he grabbed me, honestly.  I was able to handle it, and he didn’t cause any damage.  But he wanted to, and I think that’s what upsets me.  He was going to take what wasn’t his, and I’m glad I knew martial arts, even though I didn’t know I did.  But how do I know it?  What kind?  Sabby’s going to take me to a sensei soon so we can find out what kind of skills I have.  I still don’t know who I was, but it’s a clue, and it’s one more clue than I had before, so in a twisted way, I’m kind of glad that he attacked me!  I learned something about myself!

The lawyer also said he’d find out if the guy was out on bail, and whether I needed to show up to testify.  I hope not!  But I will!  I want to look him in the eyes and tell him he’s a big meanie!

Or another word Sabby doesn’t want me to say.

I think Dave was more upset than anyone else, but he was really proud of me.  He told me that I did exactly the right thing, except next time, don’t save his boy bits.  I see his point.  Maybe next time I’ll start with the knee.  But I hope there’s not a next time.

Anyway, Dave has to work, but Sabby’s taking me out for something extremely chocolatey.  And Beth and David don’t even seem to mind!  David still seems to be in awe that I beat someone up, and Beth, well…  she told me she was just glad I wasn’t hurt, and that I deserved some chocolate.  She did ask us to bring her back some, and I think we’re doing that.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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