This diary entry is part 20 of 23 in Lily's diary dated 03 - September 2021

Wow, it’s the end of September already!  Can you believe it?  Holidays are coming up!

It was a boring day.  Boringly boring.  What did one of those space guys say?  90 percent boredom and 10 percent terror, or something like that?  Maybe that’s life too.

But we did hear from the police.  The guy is out on bail, but he was served the restraining order, and if he’s caught anywhere around here it’ll be curtains for him!  I hope he stays away!  I don’t want to have to beat him up again!  They told Sabby that a part of his bail conditions were that he has to get a psychiatric evaluation.  Can they even do that?  I guess so.  Anyway, I guess we’ll see how that turns out.  I have two pending court things going on, and they’re both for people attacking me!  What the heck?!

But at least nothing really bad happened either time, and I even learned something about myself!

Well, short entry today.  I need to go to bed!  I’m tired!

Love you all!!! ❤️

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