This diary entry is part 11 of 11 in Lily's diary dated 01 - July 2021

Hi again!  It’s me!  Lily!  Silly Billy Lily!!!

I’m feeling loads better today.  Yesterday was hard, but Sabby helped me get through it.  I love her!  Dave also took me aside and told me to tell him if I ever need anything.  He’s not a hugger like Sabby, but he is a gentle man and I love him too.  If I ever have a boyfriend or a husband, I hope he’s like Dave!  Nerdy, balding, lovable, huggable, gentle, kind, silly…  all those things and more.

Oh, if Dave reads this I’ll be embarrassed!  But I hope he does anyway.  He should know.  He’s a silly Billy, but he’s my silly Billy.  Well, I guess I can share him with Sabby.  Haha!  Don’t kill me Sabby!  I’m kidding!!!  I won’t share!  hahaha!  Kidding again!!!

No, seriously, I was serious about not wanting a boyfriend, and particularly not a married one I consider like a father.  I could never see him that way.  But I love him dearly anyway.

Last night was movie night again!  This time we watched a movie called 50 First Dates.  It was about a woman who had no short term memory.  It hit really home to me, and I cried again.  That poor girl!  But she found a man who loved her anyway and was willing to put up with a lot to be with her.  I hope maybe I find someone like that someday!  But I hope more that I find my memory.  That’s a lot to ask of a boy!  It’s one reason I don’t want a boyfriend.  It’s asking too much, I think.  I’ll be a single woman with lots of cats and nieces and nephews and cousins!

But is that what I really want? No!  No more sad!  Not today!

But you know what the best thing was?  Beth came up and cuddled with me.  Beth!  The girl who hated me when Dave and Sabby first found me!  She crawled up next to me, looked into my eyes, and asked “is it like that for you?”

“Not completely, but pretty close,” I replied.  She was warm and smelled like fruit.

She snuggled into me.  “I’m sorry,” she said.  “I shouldn’t have been so mean.”

I didn’t know what to say, but I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close.  She looked up at me and cupped my face in her hand.  “You can be my sister,” she said, quietly, but in a manner like the proclamation of a queen.  A cute, awkward woman-child queen.

I sniffled and wiped away a tear.  I think Sabby was about to blow a gasket, she was so surprised.  But before she could say anything, Beth was asleep.

Sabby’s mouth snapped closed.  “She’s always wanted a sister, you know.”

“I didn’t,” I whispered, and my hand found its way to Beth’s hair of its own accord.  Her hair was stringy, but also soft.  She shifted and mumbled softly.

Sabby smiled.  “I bet you didn’t know you wanted one either.”

I shook my head.  “I didn’t.  But…  but, I’m glad.”

Sabby smiled.  “So am I.”

David tried to jump on us but Dave “headed him off at the pass”, grabbed him, and took him squealing to his room.  “Bedtime for you, champ.  Let’s let the new sisters have some time to themselves.”, I heard, as they receded up the stairs.

Sabby kissed both of our foreheads, and went up to tuck David in.  I got a pillow and stuffed it under my head, careful not to disturb Beth.  My new sister.  My… new sister.

Oh God I’m gonna cry again.

I didn’t move until I had to.  Until I absolutely had to.  Add another precious memory to the ever growing list.   Of the time I gained a new sister.

Love you all!!!  ❤️

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