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Hi! It’s me! LIly!!!

This diary gets boring on weekdays sometimes.  Aww.  There was a little rain today and it was cooler, so yay for that!!!  I like winters in Texas.  Summers…  Yuck.

I didn’t write yesterday.  We all went over to the shop after it closed and did some practice and experimentation.  Yuki wanted to get a better feel for the stage.  It’s very small and she’s not used to such small stages.  But I think she can make it work, and David wanted to get more time on the soundboard and lighting boards too.  He actually managed to get the lighting to really flatter Yuki.  We took a video and showed it to her, and she actually hugged David.  He looked really embarrassed but pleased with himself.

Yuki is pretty.  You don’t become an idol by being ugly.  Well.. most of the time.

For Yuki’s part, she made a call to her old agency and asked if she could get the rights to perform her old music.  They said they’d get back to her, but they seemed happy to hear from her and didn’t see it as a problem as long as she didn’t try to do it in large venues and stayed here in the states.  They might want a token payment but we’ll do that as long as it’s not too expensive.  We can even find the off-vocal music on YouTube…  Well, we’ll see how it works.

I’m… surprised. Crystal is really digging into the guitar.  I really need to ask her why she’s so driven.  It’s like she’s a mad woman.  She’s actually hurting her fingers a bit, but she keeps playing.  Aww.  It’s going to be a while but at this rate she might have it in a few months.  I wonder if Beth’s going to take up an instrument to support her.

But… I’m just glad she found something to live for.

Anyway…  tonight, no one’s over.  It is a school night, after all.  That doesn’t matter quite as much to me, Beth, and David… but it does to everyone else.  For me and Beth, as long as we get to our community college classes and study a few other things, Sabby doesn’t really care what else we do.  And David has a teacher he works with online.  He’d still rather be playing games but he’s gotten into the groove. He’s not giving Sabby nearly as much trouble.

Sabby basically told me, “You performed a piano concerto in front of a full auditorium, and did it nearly flawlessly.  I don’t think there’s any reason to worry about your education.”  Well… I’m not quite as good at math, but I’m doing alright, I guess.

Anyway, time for bed.

Love you all!!!  ❤️

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