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HI! It’s me! Lily!!!


I was looking through my pictures and found one of Crystal I thought I’d share… and… um… one of cat-girl.

Well, you know cat-girl.  That one’s going behind a subscriber-wall.  I’ll show you her face, though.

Here we go!!!


She likes to dress like that.  It’s cute, but I think she’s trying to say something?  I’ve never asked her what.  I should.

And…  here’s cat-girl.

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She… um… likes to dress like that.  See why we have to keep her reined in?  That is…  less revealing than what she wore on Halloween.

WAY less revealing.

Anyway… here’s her face.


She’s really, really pretty.  I mean, I guess you have to be to be in, her… ummm… line of work.   But I kinda wish she’d… tone it down.

Anyway, I’m looking for other pics of me and my friends, too.

January 6, 2024

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

(There’s subscriber content in this post… and it’s not PG-13, it’s R.  I’m not worried about Patreon anymore.)

And I have NEWS!!!!!

You know how usually we have the girls over on Friday nights and we eat pizza and play games and make girl-piles?  Well, that didn’t happen last night.  I think Beth did have the girls over, but Jack wanted to go out with me.  So, well, we went out.

He asked me to his prom!!!!

I’ve never been to a prom!!!

He said he didn’t really want to go, but he felt like it was important, and I was the only one he’d consider going with.

Of course I said yes.

I mean, I’m homeschooled.  I’ll never get a prom if I don’t go with someone else!  And, I don’t think i’d go with anyone but Jack anyway.  So…  add “prom” to my list of things to do this year!!!

I have a nice dress, so I’m not too worried about all that.  He said he explicitly does not want to make it a huge deal where I wear an expensive dress and he wears an expensive tux and rents a limo and all that kinda stuff.  He just wants a memory… with me.


I love that about Jack.  Some people might think he’s really lax about things that are important.   I think he takes things seriously that are important, but doesn’t care much about things that aren’t.  Besides, we’re already dating.  We don’t have a whole lot to prove to each other, and he knows it.

We did go back to his house – his parents were off on a date and Grace had a sleepover with one of her little friends, and, well, it’s been far too long since we’ve had time alone like that. 

We talked a while about the future while we were cuddling, and we’re both a little scared.  It’s really easy to play boyfriend and girlfriend, but soon we’re going to have to make some hard and very adult decisions.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to Japan, that is, of course, if I’m accepted, and we’re pretty sure he’s, well, not.  But he tells me he can’t imagine being with another girl, and even if I’m in Japan, he can’t imagine finding someone else that could possibly match up to me.

I kinda feel the same way.  It just wouldn’t feel right if I were with someone else, even if we were to break up.  I don’t want to break up just because it would be inconvenient… that just feels so wrong.  Breaking up with him just so I can find someone who’s there just seems… disrespectful somehow.  Thankfully he seems to feel the same way.

The compromise I’ll probably have to make is… I’ll probably have to bring him to Japan for visits.  He might not be able to afford the trips.  I…  think I can do that.  It’s not that expensive and the shop has been doing well….

His parents came home while we were cuddled up watching a movie together, and we had a bit of a chat before I went home.  They worry about us… and maybe they’re right to, if I’m being honest.  For many different reasons.  But they do approve.  They think I’m a good girl.  Maybe I am.

Anyway, we’re going to practice for the band with the girls tomorrow.  I wonder how much Crystal has improved.  Yuki has been working with Beth too.  Beth’s like a sponge.. she’s good at everything she really wants to do.

Oh.  Today I changed things around a bit on the site.  I think this font is a little more readable, and I finally deactivated a few plugins I wasn’t using.  Hope that speeds things up a bit!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️

January 4, 2024

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!


Yup, it’s gone.  All gone.  In its place is a subscriber mechanism. Up in the upper right corner you’ll see an account dropdown.  You can register with a new one.  It’ll give you a user profile and everything.  I might need to tweak it a bit, but I’ve never liked Patreon, and it’s gone.  Gone gone gone!!!  YAAAAAYYYY!!!!

And now I don’t have to follow their rules anymore, so I can be as honest as I want!!!!

That was a lot of work, though.  It was pretty mashed in there…


The aidols are back in Japan now.  I got a few different texts all saying they’re home safe and that they’re happy they met me and they can’t wait to meet up again.  They’re so nice!!!  I’ve got more sisters now!!!

Anyway, that was a lot of work, and I’m tired.  This will be a short one.  All that work and I practiced a lot today too.  Time to work up that piece for the concert…

Just so you can test your account if you sign up, I’ll put something right below that only subscribers can see.  Ready?

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Normally that box won’t be there, but I left it this time so you can see where it would go.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Subscriber only content in this post.  You know the drill.

And Katie’s baby shower was today!!!

I’m…  actually a bit confused, if I’m being honest.

So all the girls from the shop, and Sabby and Beth and I, and a few other folks showed up, and we all had gifts…  and truthfully, I think the gifts were the whole point.  She got cribs, and bottles, and diapers, and all sorts of stuff you’d need for a baby.  And there were games, like “pin the tail on the baby” (not a real baby) and some other games that required a lot of squealing women to play.  Katie seemed a little down, though.  I waited for a quiet time when all the girls were stuffing their faces with cake and asked her what’s wrong.

She sniffled a bit…  “It’s all becoming real now”, she said.  “I’ve been pregnant, but…  soon I’ll have an actual baby.  And…  and I don’t think I’ll be a good mother.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because I don’t have a good job or a degree or even a boyfriend, and I can’t really afford to have a baby.  I don’t know what I’m going to do,” she sniffed.

I gave her a hug.  “You’ve got us,” I said.  “We’re not going to let you fail.”

She gave me a big hug and I could feel her sobbing against me.  Aww.  But then she wiped her eyes, found a tissue, blew her nose, smiled wanly, and we went back out to get some cake ourselves.

I told Sabby what happened, and what I said.  She told Katie we’re not going to let her fail, and that’s a promise.  And more sniffles all around.

It’ll be hard.  Maybe we should try to find Katie a boyfriend.  One who likes babies.

It was a pretty fun time, though.  My ears were ringing from the squealing,  Dave went over to her apartment after and put the crib together for her.  That was nice of him.

I think Sabby’s gonna be doing some baby sitting.

Sigh… I think we’re all going to be doing some babysitting.

I have no idea what to do with a baby.

Well, I guess time to learn.

I think I’m going to talk to the pastor tomorrow.

Anyway, Jack and I had a date tonight, and it was fun.  I went over to his new house, and his parents had taken Grace to the kid’s pizza place.

OMG I missed him.  He, ummm…. did that thing with his tongue I love so much.  My body just gets so hot and it feels so good….  and after I helped him with his “little problem” too, taking all the precautions, of course.  I don’t want to end up like Katie.  But aftwards, when he just holds me close to him and runs his hands down my body… I don’t know if there’s anything that feels that good.  And when he tickles my floppy bits… OMG.  And then he finds my girly bits and rubs them so perfectly…  I lose myself in him.  Aww.  It feels like he sets me on wonderful, wonderful fire and the fire just comes right out my girly bits.  Soooooo, soo good.

I wonder so much how it would feel to have him moving around inside me.  I bet it feels even better than when he uses that buzzy thing he bought.  Shivers.  That never fails to get me going.  Hard.  I love him so much, but I can’t deny I also really love it when he just goes for it and makes me completely lose my mind with pleasure.  And each time he does, he learns a little more about how to make me scream.  And then I learn a little bit more about how to drag it out for him, you know, bringing him right to the edge and then slowing down and making him wait a little… he seems to absolutely adore that.

He loves doing that for me too.  He told me it makes him feel like a man.  Awww.  He’s my man.[/um_loggedout]

We watched a movie and had some dinner.  Lily decided to lay across both of us, it was really cute.  She’s a good dog.  Then his parents came home, and Grace wanted to play a game before bed.  So we played a game of “hungry hungry hippo” with her.  Such a strange game, but she loves it.  She had so much to tell me, and she did make some new friends!!!  Just like I told her!!!

Of course she did.  We all know, say it with me – everyone loves Grace.

And now I’m home, ready for bed, and I feel so relaxed.  I don’t spend enough time with Jack.. but maybe I spend just enough time with Jack for right now.  Oh, he got a new job!  I guess he could transfer to a different HEB!!!  He likes it there too.

His parents want to send him to a vocational camp.  I told him that’s a great idea.  He doesn’t seem enthused.  But he’ll be alright.

Japan’s coming up!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I didn’t post last night because I was out with Jack!!!  There’s a little subscriber content in this post, you know the drill…

So it stormed Friday night, and Liz was a little nervous, but it wasn’t really bad storms and they blew through fast, so it wasn’t a big deal.  I just cuddled her a bit and we went to sleep.

Saturday was a pretty boring day.  Lots of practicing.  In the evening I went over to Jack’s place.  His parents were there, and we had a talk.  They told me that they were going to give us a little bit of alone time, but that Dave and Sabby were right, and that we needed to be a little more responsible.

We cuddled up against each other ate dinner, and watched a movie, but we didn’t really see too much of the movie because we were too busy kissing.  His parents came back and asked us if we had fun.  I blushed and they just nodded.

After I said hi to Grace and listened to her tell me all about her day (she had a lot to say!) I drove back home, and Sabby was waiting for me too.

I told her everything was fine and that she didn’t have anything to worry about.  She reluctantly said okay and gave me some chocolate.  Aww.

Anyway, today was pretty boring too, I practiced my little rear off, and then practiced some more.  I think they’re getting tired of hearing it, but too bad – I’m not embarrassing myself by screwing up in front of hundreds of people!!!

And then tonight…  well, it was boring, but nice.  We all just spent some time together and played some games.

Oh, in case you forgot, yes, last week was Mother’s Day, but Sabby doesn’t really want us to do anything for Mother’s Day (she says if she needs a day she’s failed the other 364 days) so I frankly forgot about it.  Aww.

Love you all!!! ❤

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Subscriber only content in this post.  You know the drill.

And today was really busy!!! Lots of stuff to do!!!

We got the short block apart!  That’s the bit with the pistons and crank!

And rods were bent!!  Awww!!!!

But the good news is, that was it.

So we’re sending the block off for machining of the bores while we have it apart, and I guess it’s good to machine the head surface as well.  So it’ll be a few days before we get it back.  Dave ordered all the pistons and stuff too!!!  So I won’t have any more updates until we get the heads and the block back.

But this is actually pretty easy!  Just dirty and messy and smelly and some of the bolts are really tight, but it’s easy!!!

Beth spent some time with her mentor today, she seems really happy to be learning stuff.  I guess she’s getting taught some advanced math too while they’re at it.  I don’t even know what she’s studying, but she seems happy.

And tonight I got cleaned up and went on a date with Jack!!!

Well, I went over to his place.  His parents gave us both a very detailed talk, and then took Grace for dinner and a kiddie movie.

We had some dinner and sat on the couch watching a movie.  When everyone came home, Grace jumped on me and I was happy to see her.  She invited me to her birthday party!!!  Of course I said yes!!!  I spent some time with his family and then went home.  I feel really good right now after spending time with him,, I think I’ll sleep really well tonight.

Speaking of which, bedtime!

Love you all!!! ❤

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Subscriber only content in this post.  You know the drill.

And it was a pretty good day!  But I’ll talk about that later.  I’ve been putting off talking about LA and what I thought about it.  I’m not sure I have a whole lot to say about it, but there are some things.

Mostly, it was just uncomfortable.

Don’t get me wrong.  Robert and his wife treated me pretty well, Rebecca turned out to be a pretty decent half-sister, and I’m even in touch with her friends!  Yu, in particular, is really interested to talk about Japan, and she wants to talk to Liz about her Chinese heritage too.  I guess there aren’t many Asian people in that part of LA, though there are many, many in the rest of LA.  They’re all a bit… sheltered, I think is a good word.  Rebecca, Britni, Chelsi, Kari, Yu… they have their own insular world where everyone has lots of money and big houses and hobnobs with celebs (though even they didn’t get to go to the Oscars!)  I mean, they go to other parts of LA sometimes, but just the popular or expensive ones.  Probably wouldn’t catch them dead in, say…  Compton?  I hear that’s not the greatest city.

Yu kind of seems to feel… oppressed.  Which to me is rather funny, considering she’s got a far wealthier family than I do, I suspect (and Dave’s no slouch!)  But it is what it is.

LA seems to have nice weather, generally, and I’ll admit the ocean is really pretty and it’s nice to spend time there.  For those reasons, I probably wouldn’t mind LA all that much.  But… everyone just seems so materialistic.  They like things more than people.  Here in Texas, we like things too, but people are important.  I don’t know if I’d like it very much there.

And my thoughts on Robert?  Well…  I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on him.  I certainly can see the frat boy in him who knocked Emiko up and didn’t even notice.  But I can also see the doting father in him who’d do absolutely anything for his daughter.  He’s very materialistic, proud of his accomplishments and his wealth, but…  he’s just a product of his environment, I guess.  He seems okay.  I’d go back.

And Rebecca, well, she is kind of spoiled.  I think she’d even admit that.  But she’s not a bad girl, a lot more, I dunno, normal than I am in some ways.  But then, who isn’t, really?  She might want to go to Japan with us.  I don’t mind, and neither does Sabby – but they have to pay her way.  I mean, it’s not like they can’t afford it.  I bet Robert has tons of miles to burn.

So many people going to Japan…  I think we’re going to need to get a hotel.  Because we certainly can’t all be in bedrolls in a spare room of Emiko’s parents’ house.

Well, we’ll plan, I guess.


So today was alright.  Went to church – it’s still a bit boring, if I’m being honest.  But the pastor was nice.  He came up to me after and asked me how my trip was.  I hadn’t even told him!  But…  I guess knowing things about his flock is his job, right?

Oh, and yesterday, Beth and I drove up to that xtreme jump place in Temple, and had a blast.  Just her and I.  And then we had some pizza at a place in the Temple mall.  Apparently they used to have a good Japanese place but it closed.  Awww.  But the pizza is pretty good.

And today, Jack and I went on a date.  Well, this time, his parents took Grace and Lily to the park, and told us they’d be back in a couple of hours.

We were cuddling on the couch when everyone came back and grace and Lily pounced all over me.  I missed Grace!  I told her all about LA, in kid terms, of course.  She’s got a birthday soon!!!  I need to find her something fun!!!

And, well, that’s my day.  I feel warm inside and relaxed, of course.  Everything turned out okay.  Beth and I are talking, I had a decent time in LA the shop seems to be humming along (I’ll need to update y’all on that too but there’s been so much else to talk about) and all’s well that ends well.  Until the next adventure.

Love you all!!! ❤

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Subscriber content in this post. You know the drill,

Jack and I went on a date today!  We haven’t been able to date for a while, so today we did!!!

Well, first I went to church.  It was… church.  The pastor was talking about forgiveness.  I guess I understand forgiveness.  At least in my head.  In my heart, maybe not as much.  What would I do if I found out someone had taken my memories?  Either intentionally or accidentally?  Could I forgive them?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  I guess I forgave Emiko, but she did cause a lot of damage – some of which she couldn’t have foreseen.  Have I forgiven Robert?  I…  that’s a tough one.  He didn’t mean to.  Is there anything to forgive?  Maybe there is.  Maybe Emiko’s the one who needs to forgive him.  If she wants to.

Sabby says forgiveness is a refusal to live in the past.  Maybe it is.  But the past does affect the present, right?  Maybe being “born again” is starting new without the burdens of the past.  Or… maybe not.  The pastor sure says weird stuff sometimes.

He asked me if I want to be baptised.  I said no thank you.  To hear them explain it, a baptism is for those who want to commit.  I don’t even know what to commit to!.

But Jack did come with me today, and that was nice.  He gets about as bored as I do sometimes.  But we entertained ourselves by (discreetly) texting each other.

After church we got pancakes.  I got chocolate pancakes, as usual.  Hah!  I think I’m starting to rub off on Jack.  He did too.

So we didn’t do anything special on our date.  I… taught him how an engine works.  He seemed interested.  He knows how to use tools but his father’s more on the intellectual side so no one taught him how an engine works, or anything like that.  My car needed an oil change anyway, so I pulled out all the tools and let him do it.  He didn’t seem to mind, he liked it when I brought him some lemonade and told him how big and strong he is.

Hahaa!  He knew I was kind of play-acting and he still loved it.


After that we went to his house – his parents had taken Grace to some event for a few hours.

We cuddled on the couch and watched a movie.  Lily jumped in our laps and the three of us cuddled.  It was nice.  She got on both of us, flopped over on her back with her paws up, and started snoring.  Hahha!!!!

When Grace and her parents got back, we talked for a little while, and then I went home.

Bedtime!!!  And I’m tired!!!  Tonight was a boring post, but they can’t all be winners!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

There’s subscriber content in this post.  You know the drill, you’re not missing anything important to the story.

And I had a date day with Jack!!!

OMG was it fun!!!

It was cold and cloudy though, so there wasn’t a whole lot to do outside.  He told me he had to think really hard to find something to do that we hadn’t already done.  So he took me downtown to a VERY nice restaurant for lunch!!!  The kind you dress up for!!!

And he bought me some very delicious food, and a cake that was to die for!!!!  Chocolate on chocolate!!! Yum!!!

After lunch he took me to a viewing spot at the airport and we watched the big planes take off and land.  They’re so big and noisy!!!  He told me a little about how the engines work.  I didn’t know he was interested in that stuff!  He says engines go “suck, squeeze, bang, blow” – and I laughed really hard!

He didn’t get it.

Then he did.

I think the people standing next to us gave us dirty looks with how hard we were laughing.

Turns out jet engines do all those things at once, continuously.  And I thought car engines were hard!!!

So after we got tired of that, he took me to a chocolatier – of course he did, and I got to sample all sorts of different chocolates.  Yaaaay!!! It was a chocolatey day!!!

After that we went back to his place.  Grace was off school too, so her parents took her to one of those kid pizza places, and we were alone.

I… umm… missed him.

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We watched a movie, all cuddled on the couch under a blanket.  I won’t lie, I fell asleep.  He just rubbed my scalp and I seriously melted.  That’s my… well.. .second favorite thing.  Aww.  Grace came home and we played for a while.  I love her.

But all things have to come to and end, and I’m home now.

And it’s bedtime!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

This diary entry is part 3 of 32 in Lily's diary dated 18 - December 2022

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And today was busy!!! but nice!!!

Oh, there’s some subscriber content in this post – you know the drill.  You won’t miss anything important.

So this morning I went to work at the shop.  It was busy!!! I guess people like cookies on Saturdays!!!  It wasn’t a line around the building this time, but still pretty bustling!!!

And Emiko and everyone came!  And they loved the cookies!!! Of course they did!!!  Bill bought a whole box for the family and a whole box for his work on Monday!!!  They went to the house to have dinner with the family, but I had a date, so…  I went over to Jack’s house – and his parents had conveniently decided to take Grace out for kiddie fun.

I missed Jack so much.

We sat on the couch with Lily and watched a movie.  It was nice, being cuddled up to him.  Then some food arrived and we ate and watched and it’s always so nice.  His parents came home and I spent a little time with Grace too.  She wanted to play with me and Lily, and those two are always fun.

But now I’m home and tomorrow, more stuff to do!!!

Love you all!!! ❤