Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And I’m a busy girl!!!

So yesterday I went in early and trained the new dooter.  Nice girl, but… ummm…. how to put it nicely.  A little spacey?  But I finally got it through, I think.  I let her be and Sabby tells me she’s a bit slow bit should speed up in time.  It turns out that on weekdays, people mostly come by during lunch.  Otherwise, it’s businesses like hotels calling in big orders for pickup.  You know, corporate parties, big meetings, that kind of stuff.  Sabby’s fine with that, but is going to make a 24 hour notice policy for the really big orders.  She also signed up for some of those food delivery services and they’ve been doing pretty well too, so…  things are going okay.  Is it like Elon Musk levels of business?  Nah.  But it’s pretty brisk and there always seems to be demand for really good cookies.

She also hired a girl almost as pretty as Beth to put on the costume and stand outside with a sign, like Beth did.  That really worked!!!  She just stands there and waves the sign and smiles…  and hey.  I’m not pretty enough for that.  Well, maybe I am, but I’d rather just hire someone to do that.  But she says the increase in people coming in is measurable whenever she’s standing outside.   Sigh.  that makes it worth her pay.  She drives a few cookies an hour, and she pays for herself.

I’m also going to set up a website for her!!!  That should be fun!!!  I mean I’ve maintained this site, it can’t be that hard, right???



I also told Sabby she should train up a second baker.  She’s resistant to that idea, but I told her that she shouldn’t be there all the time baking, she’s got more important things to do.

She pouted but agreed.  That might be a bit more expensive, but I think we need to do it.  Besides, how’s she going to open a second store if she’s too busy with the first?

She just looked at me funny.  I don’t think she’d ever thought of opening a second store.  But we should!  One in South Austin!!!

Ai’s coming around Christmas!!! That should be fun!  She’s really looking forward to it.

Okay!  Two more days until the weekend!  Yaaayyy!!!  And Jack and I are going on a date this weekend too!!!  Double yaaaayyy!  With coffee sprinkles!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s Monday, and Beth and I needed to go to school.  So we did.

Love you al – oh wait.

The challenge was that Sabby needed to do her store thing, David needed to do school, and, well, things got a lot more challenging.  So David did his school at home – and Sabby told him that he’d better do it, or else, and she’d know.  So she went to the store early, we went to school, and came home and we all did our homework.  Sabby interviewed a few people today when she got a spare moment, and hired someone to be a dooter!!!  She has a delivery driver now too, but he doesn’t start till tomorrow.  So Dave ran the important clients before work, and they put off the rest until morning.

I didn’t meet any of them, but Sabby is a pretty good judge of character. I’ll go tomorrow before school to meet them and train the dooter.

Dooter just means cashier, but I think dooter is funnier.  Don’t you?

Speaking of Sabby being a pretty good judge of character, she was right about David.  She put up a camera in his computer area, where she could see the monitor, and didn’t tell him.  So, he did a few minutes of work, and then went right for a game.

She came home, checked the footage, and then went mega-Sabby on him.  She was PISSED.  Told him that she was trying to set up a store so we all could have nice things, and that she had wanted to do something like this for a long time, and there was NO WAY he was going to ruin it for her.  Then she grounded him from games for a week, gave him a bunch of chores, told him he couldn’t call his girlfriends while he was grounded, and told him to go to his room until dinner was ready.  And she roped Dave into checking on him, which Dave was pretty pissed about as well because he has to work.  Sabby and Dave got into a bit of a heated argument over that.

David always seems to get in trouble.  I’d say poor David, but I don’t feel sorry for him.  He earned that.

I haven’t spent much time with Jack lately.  I need to.  I miss him terribly.

Dave joined Twitter, and now he’s spending his evenings scrolling through his feed and laughing.  I guess something’s really funny there.  I should check it out.

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me! Lily!

So I bet you’re all like “come on!  Tell me what she said!!!” Haha.  Maybe I won’t!  Maybe it’ll just be between me and her and…  awww.   You know I can’t stop talking.  I can keep secrets but this isn’t a secret.

So we went to church this morning, and stood up and sat down and all that.  It still makes no sense to me, but maybe it’s not supposed to right now.  It seems to mean a lot to Sabby and that’s important.  This afternoon, Sabby made a nice meal and Mrs. Doily came to visit.

And I know some stuff now, but not enough.

She could tell me what my parents’ names, were.  They were Daniel and Vanessa Rittenhouse, and they were research scientists at UT Austin.  They had an office at the JJ Pickle research lab over on Braker lane – looks like it’s a place where they teach things like nuclear engineering – even has a fully functional nuclear reactor.  Wow!  But apparently some of the stuff there is really hush-hush – Mrs. Doily said they never said what they did for a living.  They were very strict, not abusive or anything but always made sure I had the best education and wouldn’t take anything less than my best effort.  I guess that’s why I can play piano and do martial arts and stuff.  She described them as very “businesslike” when it came to me.

She also said I was a very quiet and reserved girl.  Can you believe it!  Me!  But I always did love chocolate, even then.  She always had a little bit of chocolate she used to reward me when I did a good job on the piano.

She said around the time when I was found, I just disappeared, and so did my “parents”.  No call, no nothing, just vanished.  She even asked a few people and no one knew what had happened – it was like we’d all been erased from existence, pretty much!  So she has no idea how I ended up on the side of the road.  Sigh.  I guess that will remain a mystery.

But if there was some kind of hush-hush project, I guess that explains my “benefactor”.  Well, benefactor, this is my life we’re talking about, and I’m going to find out what I can.  Wouldn’t you?

Well, at least I have names, I guess.  I still have no idea what happened.

She was very happy that I had found a good family, and she and Sabby got along pretty well, so that’s good.  I don’t know if we’ll keep in touch but I have no reason not to, I suppose.

I should tell Emiko.  She needs to know.

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Or…  Yuriko.  Today.

So today started out like normal.  Well, the new normal.  We got to the store a little later (we open late on weekends), and there was a line around the building!!! OMG!!! I guess people were watching the news!!!  So Beth didn’t go outside to try to drive traffic, she got behind the counter and started serving people!  Sabby immediately went in back and started baking.  She’s really prolific when she bakes but she had a hard time keeping up!!!  People LOVED it!!!

But that’s not the thing that made me say OMG.

Eventually after lunchtime things started to clear out a bit, but they stayed pretty busy.  Around closing time a woman walked in.  She was older and a little overweight, but had a distinctive and kindly face.

“Yuriko?”, she said.

“huh?”, I said eruditely.  I hadn’t told anyone that name.  My name is Lily.

“How did you know that name?” I asked.

“It’s you!”, she said.  “I never thought I’d see you again!”

Not going to lie… you know me.  I always have something to say.  But this time I didn’t.  My mouth just dropped open.

“I saw you on the news! Some people sent me a YouTube and said ‘isn’t that Yuriko?'”  I said “no, that’s Lily,” but…  but you really looked like Yuriko, and… and it’s you!”

“I’m sorry,” I said, very flummoxed.  “Who are you?”

Her face fell.  “You don’t remember?”

“I don’t remember anything,  I was found by the side of the road with nothing, including my memory.” I said.

Her face fell.  “I… I didn’t know,” she said quietly.

“Beth, can you doot for me?”

So Beth went to doot, and I sat at a table with… the lady.

“How do you know me?,” I asked.

“I was your piano teacher.  You always showed such promise.  And then, one day… you just vanished.  Like you never existed.  I called your parents and no one ever answered or returned my calls.  I… I never heard from you again.”

“I didn’t forget how to play piano.”

Her face brightened.  “Really?”

“Really,” I said.  “I forgot everything about who I was, but…  but I remembered everything else.  I.. even accompanied my best friend at her violin recital.  And I’ve continued taking lessons.  I forgot all the scales and stuff, but I remembered how to play.”

She smiled.  “I’m so happy to hear that.”

Sabby came out.

“Lily, who’s this?”

“My.. old piano teacher.  She saw me on the news.”

She looked at the lady, then me.  “We have questions.”

“I probably don’t have answers,” she said.  “But I’ll tell you what I can.”

“What’s your name?”, Sabby asked.

“Marilyn Doily,” she said.

“Alright, Mrs. Doily.  I’m her adoptive mother, Sabby Smith.  Come to dinner tomorrow night.  Lily knows nothing at all about her past and, I have to admit, we’re both a little curious.”

“It’s miss Doily,” she said quietly.  “My husband died a while ago.  But I’d be happy to.”

Well, Sabby gave out our address, and, well, she’s coming over for dinner tomorrow.  We’re closing the shop on Sundays anyway.

I… don’t know what to say or think.  Maybe I’ll at least have some answers now.

I have such a good life right now.  I have a family, and a boyfriend, and some sisters, and… well…  It still makes me so sad that I was just abandoned like that.  Twice, if I’m being honest.  I’ve made my peace with Emiko.  But I don’t even know who to make my peace with now.  Maybe I’ll find out.

And to my “benefactor”, thanks for all you’ve done, but don’t ruin this.  Please don’t ruin this.

On the plus side, if business stays like this, we’ll be doing very well.  I’ve been told it’s really hard to get people to buy your stuff, but her cookies are just that good.  Sabby is talking to a recruiter to see if we can get another baker and a dooter or two.

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And it’s opening day!!!

So we got there stupid early and opened up at 7 or so.  Beth got a bright idea to stand outside in front of the store with a sign saying “Try Sabby’s Sweets!”  Well, remember how I told you she’s pretty?  I mean really, stupid pretty?  Supermodel pretty?  Well, that, coupled with the costume and some cat ears she threw on, really drove traffic.  Especially because this morning is Black Friday and everyone’s out and about.

Well, couple Beth’s surprisingly (but not really surprisingly) effective efforts, the fact that Sabby’s been dropping cookies off at local hotels, and the store was really hopping today.  Not “lines around the block” hopping, but people were coming in and buying cookies!!!  I dooted them out the door, but they were raving about the cookies!!!

And then the news showed up.  They’d had that planned, I guess they’re on a kick to showcase new local businesses, and here’s kinda how it turned out.  They set up the lights and cameras, interviewed me and Sabby, and at the end, tried a cookie on camera.  She tried one of Sabby’s triple chocolate chunk with chocolate whipped cream and coffee sprinkles cookies.

She took one bite and was pretty much raving about how good it was.  I mean, it was almost unprofessional levels of raving.  But it went well, everyone got interviewed, and they went back to do whatever it is they do to make it presentable for the news.

So they aired it on the 6 PM news and probably will air it a couple more times.  We’d already closed because Sabby needed to make cookies for tomorrow, but we’ll see how much that helps tomorrow.

Jack teased me a bit about being famous.  Hahaha!!!

Okay, another busy day tomorrow.  So far, though…  looks like we were right!  Sabby’s a big success!!!  We’re already talking about hiring a dooter for when Beth and I have to go to school.  That’s important too.  We’re going to have to hire several people!  But if we keep selling like this, it’ll be fine!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And I’m thankful today!!!

Dave deep fried a turkey!  And he didn’t set anything or anyone on fire!!! And if you know Dave, that’s an accomplishment!!!  It rained some today, but he was still able to get it done.

Rain and deep frying don’t mix, that’s what they tell me anyway.

So after all that was done, we had a HUGE dinner!!!  Liz and Jack and Grace and their families came over!!!  We had turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and candied yams and green bean casserole and mac and cheese (for Grace) and for dessert we had pumpkin pie and pecan pie and chocolate pie (OMG YUM) and we just pigged out!

But before the meal we all went around and said what we’re thankful for.

And… there were a few surprises.  Most of the things we were all thankful for were… people.

Jack said he was thankful for me, but also that he had a second (and third) family and that he could live in Texas and not be bullied anymore.

Grace said she was thankful for her mommy and daddy and her house and Lily and Auntie Lily (not the dog) and Chocolate…  and all the food, of course.  She really wanted to start eating but her parents told her she could wait a few minutes.

Beth told me she was thankful for her family and Crystal and Diana and… me.  I thought she was going to cry when she said me.  She said I’m the big sister she always wanted, and Grace and Crystal and Diana are the little sisters she’s always wanted…  and she just kind of sniffled and we moved on.

David said he was thankful for his two girlfriends… and we all laughed.  He looked a bit offended.  But he said he was thankful that he got to go to camp and hunt pigs and for all the food…  he’s not really all that good with the people stuff, but it was good enough.

Liz said she was thankful for all of us, but particularly me as her best friend.  She actually started waxing poetic, and told me that I always have a smile on my face and she can always count on me to cheer her up when she’s sad and to be there for her and to eat any chocolate within a mile radius…  we all laughed.  But she sniffled a bit too, and said she loved me.  Everyone said awww…

And when it came to me, I said I was thankful for my sisters (and brother too) and my family and my boyfriend and Grace too, and that I loved everyone and am thankful that they were the ones who took me in when I was found, and…  I started sniffling too.

Dave and Sabby, well…  no surprises.  They were thankful for their family and all the love around the table today.

And then we ate.

BOY did we eat.

But you know?  When it’s quiet and everyone’s just shuffling bowls of food around and filling their plates and eating and filling their plates again, and there really aren’t any words but everyone knows it’s family… it’s the best thing in the world!!!

Even better than… well, you know.  Jack.

Maybe someday Jack and I will have our own dinner with little ones.

After we had desert, Dave and David (and Jack) went to sit next to the TV and watch football.  We all cleaned up in the kitchen, then Sabby and I went over to the shop to prepare for our grand opening tomorrow.  Jack wanted to tag along too but I promised him he could come by tomorrow, tonight we had a lot of work to do, Sabby had a lot of cookies to bake, and I needed to make sure everything was clean and ready to go.  We got home a few minutes ago, everything’s good.  We open early tomorrow, and we’ll see how it goes.  Beth and I have off of school tomorrow, so we’re both going to be there, I’m going to be doot dooting and Beth is going to be a server.  Well, more a “here’s your cookies, sir, have a nice day” – there aren’t really tables.

Sabby has a costume for her.  It’s not horrible at all, it’s kind of a short, poofy skirt (with some underneath frills, I don’t know what it’s called, but you can’t see anything), with a blouse and a tiny apron, with some sheer black stockings and shiny, sensible shoes.  A little sexy, but more costumey than sexy, if that makes sense.  Beth isn’t a huge fan, but Sabby promised her any tips and a decent hourly wage.  Beth does like to shop for makeup, so… she’s going along with it.

I have my own, similar costume, but that’s for when I’m dooting.  When I’m helping make stuff, I dress like sabby.  Black clothing, black apron, hairnet…  she’s gotta take it all seriously.  Y’know?

I modeled my costume for Jack.  He, umm… loves it.

It is kinda cute, if I’m being honest.  Sabby has pretty good taste.

We still need to hire a delivery person, but Dave has the day off tomorrow, so he’s going to do the deliveries.  The owner of the store I used to work at made a rather large order.  Maybe someone decent will apply soon.

Anyway, bright and early tomorrow, Sabby’s Sweets is opening!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s the day before Thanksgiving!!!


The turkey is thawing so Dave can deep fry it tomorrow, Sabby made a bunch of treats, everyone’s really looking forward to coming over tomorrow…  yay!!!!  Lots of food!!!!

I like thanksgiving.  But I’ll talk about what I’m thankful for tomorrow.  After all, it’s not thanksgiving yet.

But I’m thankful for a lot.  I really am.

I remember last year at this time, I was in Florida, and Jack and I were getting to know each other… and, well, let’s be honest… trying really hard to not make some huge hormone-driven mistakes.  Did I ever tell you how hot he is?  And apparently he thinks I could be a supermodel or something.  I don’t know…

I think I loved him even then, and I don’t think I ever stopped loving him.


He’s a good guy, too.  I chose well.  I didn’t really want a boyfriend, but if I’m going to have one, Jack’s a pretty good choice.

Anyway, big day tomorrow.  Lots of cooking and sports and then going to the shop and getting ready for our grand opening!!!

Did I ever tell you what we named the shop?

Sabby’s Sweets!!!

Okay!  Marie needs a walk before it rains and then time for sleep!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And we’ve got a LOT to do!!!

After Beth and I got back from class, Sabby and I went over to the store and we did some more preparation.  We’ll have to go Thursday night and make cookies for the next day!!!

Sabby’s going to be very busy.  But she likes being busy, so…  yay?  I need to learn how to make them too so she’s not the only one who ever makes them, but I’m not as good as she is.  I’m not a great baker.  Oh well, I’ll try anyway.

But Thanksgiving should be nice!  We went shopping and got the turkey, etc.  It’s so expensive now!!!  Aww.  But we have the turkey and the deep fryer and everything, so it should be good!  Jack and Liz’s families are coming over!!!  It’ll be nice!!!

Wish I could get a little time alone with Jack though.  It’s been a few weeks.  Late date was just going to his apartment and watching a movie with his family.  It was nice… but not the same, y’know?

Our store has been getting a lot of word of mouth attention!!!  In fact, the news might come by on Friday!!!  That should be fun!!!

Anyway, gotta go.

Love you all!!! ❤

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And it’s STILL cold and rainy!


It was a busy day though.  Beth and I went to school and did our school stuff.  She’s doing a little better now.  It was tough for a while but her therapist seems to be helping.  I hate how she comes out with tear-stains in her makeup, but I guess it’s a good thing overall.  She’s started to talk to me a little, too.  Crystal really hurt her.


But it’s hard to be mad at Crystal, though.  You don’t get mad at sick people for being sick.

After we got home, Sabby and I headed to the shop and did shop stuff.  She made me a little chocolate and candy experimentation station, which was nice of her.  I’ll learn how to do all that stuff and then we can sell it too. Jack doesn’t really want to do delivery for us right now, he says that he’s happy with his job and doesn’t want to leave without at least putting some time into it.  I guess I understand.  Maybe I’ll have to do delivery for a little while.

Apparently there’s been a lot of word of mouth from the samples she delivered, and now we’re getting a lot of questions about orders and stuff.  Sabby says we can’t grow too fast, though, so she’s being selective with who she accepts for right now.  She’s telling others very nicely that we are a small company and don’t have much capacity, but we’ll reach out when we’re able to service them.  They’re… very disappointed, but they understand.  I told you her cookies were good!!!

Sabby’s a surprisingly good businesswoman.

We also got a large bulk delivery of baking goods today.  Like, more butter than I’ve ever seen in one place before.  A literal ton of flour.  And I’m sure she’ll put all of it to good use.

So now we’re home and Marie wants a walk, so I’d better do that and go to bed.

Love you all!!! ❤